Confront Your Fears

Fear is perhaps the largest obstacle you will face when the time comes to demonstrate your strength to the world. If we assume you’ve discovered your strength, there comes a time when you must utilise that strength to fulfil your purpose. This is where fear is most likely to strike. Just as you’re deciding on the route you wish to pursue, fear makes its voice known.

“You can’t do this.”

“You’re not strong enough.”

“Why bother? You’ve failed before and you’ll probably just fail again.”

To become comfortable with your own identity, you must silence this irksome voice. Fear can prevent you from seizing the opportunities that life places in front of you. It can stop you from chasing your passion and instead encourage you to settle for a life that’s comfortable and unfulfilling.

Fear can prevent you from taking the next step in your journey.

By confronting it, you reaffirm your belief in your own strength. It’s this ability to confront fear that will enable you to leverage your inner strength. Your strength you’ve discovered will still lie dormant if you don’t try to use it. Understand that change and impact don’t occur without risk. It’s when you can accept this and still push forward, overcoming fear in the process, that you unlock your strengths and develop confidence in your identity.