Our Training Programmes

Our Training Programmes

MetaDestiny Training Programmes

At MetaDestiny, we conduct training in 3 platforms. All training programmes are suitable for learners aged 18 years old and above. More details are shown below.

This page covers information on our Training Programmes. CLICK HERE for details on Speaking Engagements.

1) Digital Course Platform

Great for Individual Learning, suitable for adults 18 years old and above

Self-paced learning

Immediate access through our Digital Course Platform

2) In-Person Training

Great for Organizations / Educational Institutes for Women

In-person training by Mahal

1- hour to half-day workshops available

3) Online Live Training

Great for Organizations / Educational Institutes for Women

Online Live Training by Mahal

1- hour to half-day workshops available


"Mahal takes us on an inspiring journey of transformation and how one can use their gifts to impact one’s life. She takes us through all the tools and strategies needed for anyone to get through tough times and find the true essence of life."

Sam Cawthorn
Founder and Director, Speakers Institute Group of Companies

"In the lead up to our Wellness Day last Friday, Mahal Rajan spoke to the APJ team about strategies she used when she was thrown a curve ball which altered both her personal and professional lives. She spoke about how she dealt with it, the steps she took in adjusting to the change and is now using her story to help and inspire others. Mental health remains a taboo subject in many parts of the world, especially in Asia, so THANK YOU Mahal Rajan for the work you do. You are a really engaging speaker, with an inspiring story and above all, a really really nice person!"

Jaime Wong
Change & Integration PM
"Mahal’s book is filled with all the key elements in helping us live a life of joy and resilience. It is a book to remind ourselves that we have the gift within to be the best version of ourselves and we can share this gift positively with the world to make a
Tony Tan
Co-Founder and CEO of Imperium Solutions
"I could not put the book down once I started reading it. Stories within a story, making it engaging, inspiring and powerful. It has simple, yet effective tools to help me reflect, re-examine and re-align to create and lead a fulfilled and purpose-driven life."
Delphine Ang
Certified Brain Health Coach
Certified Youth Leadership & Mentor Coach
"A powerful book for those who are aligning their purpose in life. Mahal shares her story authentically, positively and with passion. This book is a gift to the world."
Ng Chang Shiang
Udemy digital draw instructor
"It is immediately evident from the very first page that a lot of thought and research have been spent on crafting her message. While the target audience is women, her framework and methodology will work for man, woman, young and old. A great book of self-discovery and in seeking one’s higher calling."
Daniel Ang
Founder & CEO Traders Academy International Pte Ltd
"At some point in our life, we tend to wonder about our life purpose. After reading Mahal’s book, it made me view my own purpose from a different lens. She has presented me with the tools that enhance my clarity and demonstrate how I can expand my strength and potential to live a life of purpose."
Glenda Tan
Managing Director
"Thought provoking, practical and from someone who has found liberation by going through the valley of darkness and finding the truth about what life is all about."
Naveena Gopal
Senior Educator
"I was very honoured to have helped Mahal set up her web presence when she launched her business, and in working with her closely, I gained an in-depth look into her business and was deeply moved by her story, her vision and her mission to help women all over the world discover their unique strengths and their life purpose. The story in her book is authentic and enlightening, and will certainly inspire you to go on a self-discovery journey to find your true self and uncover your true potential."
Carmen Tseng, Founder, Joyful Digital Co.
Online Business Expert and Website, Funnel & Automation Builder