In Awe of Marvel and Chadwich Boseman

I am absolutely in love with Marvel movies, and this real life hero is such as inspiration.

In his starring role as the Marvel superhero Black Panther, Chadwick Boseman became a shining light for African-American movie lovers. He showed them an example of a man who looked just like them who could be the lead in one of the highest-grossing films of all time. For this alone, I see Chadwick Boseman as a role model. However, he was also a man who lived his life based on a purpose. For Boseman, life was about so much more than forging a career as a successful actor. He wanted to be an inspiration to people who felt downtrodden and believed that they couldn’t achieve what they wanted in life. For Boseman, purpose came from how his work helped others see that they could achieve their own dreams and create fulfilment.

Boseman perfectly expressed his opinions about purpose when he gave the 2018 commencement speech at Howard University. He says:

“You would rather find purpose than a job or career. Purpose crosses disciplines. Purpose is an essential element of you. It is the reason you are on the planet at this particular time in history. Your very existence is wrapped up in the things you are here to fulfil. Whatever you choose for a career path, remember the struggles along the way are only meant to shape you for your purpose.”

In this speech, Boseman tells us that a life of purpose rarely comes easily. To be purpose-driven, we must first accept that we will have to step outside of our comfort zones and take risks. And yes, sometimes those risks will end in failure as we struggle to achieve what we set out to do. But it’s those failures that build the strength and character needed to achieve real meaning in our lives. Chasing a job doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve found purpose. Instead, aim to understand how what you do can impact others. Focus on how the struggles you face shape you and you will find the way to your purpose.