Hire Mahal for Speaking & Events

Hire Mahal for Speaking & Events

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Mahal is on a quest to spread the message of Well-Being.

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Mahal’s Topic Coverage

Navigating Change Confidently

Transformative Power of Self-Care

Transition from Self to Strength to Purpose

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Mahal’s Signature Talks

navigate change

Navigating change confidently

How to use change as the catalyst for your success

How you ever found yourself taken aback by unexpected changes and setbacks? Change is inevitable, and it can often leave us feeling uncertain and apprehensive. However, what if I told you that change can be the catalyst for your success? In this workshop, we will explore the transformative power of embracing change and using it as a driving force to propel your personal and professional growth. Get ready to disrupt your comfort zone and embrace change.

Audience will walk away with :

  • Tools to help one develop resilience in the in the face of adversity
  • Clarity on how to harness disruptions and setbacks to fuel one’s growth

Transformative Power of Self-Care

How to orchestrate a path of holistic Well-Being

Do you often feel consumed by the never-ending demands of life, leaving little time and energy to nurture your own well-being? Orchestrating a path of holistic well-being may challenge your preconceived notions and disrupt the status quo of your life. Get ready to embrace radical self-care and create a life that aligns with your true purpose. The journey to holistic well-being requires stepping outside your comfort zone and making bold choices. So, are you willing to disrupt the norm, prioritise your self-care, and orchestrate a path that leads to a life of authentic fulfilment? The choice is yours.

Audience will walk away with :

  • Deeper insights into prioritising self-care to foster a stronger sense of identity and self-awareness
  • Strategies to harness one’s strengths to propel towards one’s purpose.

Signature Talks for Women

Redefining Motherhood

How to find meaning in Motherhood and be a joyful and purpose-filled Mother

Target audience: Mothers and mothers-to-be

Have you ever been overwhelmed with the demands of being a mother? You believe that being a mother means tending to the needs of your children first and putting your own needs and dreams on hold?

I want to inform you that your sense of identity and reaching for your purpose takes precedence and you can still remain an amazing mother while doing just that.

In this engaging session, Mahal shares her personal story of how her life-transforming experience, led her to re-examine her role as a mother. She explains the importance of holding onto your sense of identity and still reaching for your dreams, even as a mother. She guides mothers to establish their identity, find joy and meaning in motherhood.

Audience will walk away with :

  • Insights on overcoming the challenges of motherhood
  • Fresh perspectives on being a joyful and purpose-filled mother 

Not The Damsel in Distress

How to empower yourself to break free from limiting beliefs and societal expectations to find one’s unique identity and purpose

Target audience: Women aged 18 years old and above

Have you ever been overwhelmed with the expectations everyone has of you and how you should conform to societal norms? I want to inform you that your identity cannot be dictated by society. You have specific strengths and a purpose, that defines you. Your identity makes you unique and you hold the key to impacting your life and the lives of others.

In this engaging session, Mahal shares her personal struggles she faced as a teenager and young adult. The talk guides young women to overcome the struggles one is facing. She addresses issues of self-identity and societal expectations.

Audience will walk away with:

  • Clarity on defining and establishing one’s identity
  • Tools to help you find your strength and purpose