Your Strength

I believe that developing strength is all about investing in yourself. To become strong, you must first uncover what it is that makes you such a phenomenal person. And once you’ve identified these traits, you must develop them, hone them, so that you reach your maximum potential. 

Before you ever reach the point where you can question your purpose in life and what your existence means, you must answer these questions :

What are you good at and passionate about at the same time? 

What are my passions?

What do I love doing more than anything else?

What activities give me a sense of freedom and help me feel more fulfilled?

As you answer those questions, you begin to think about the character traits, the strengths, that enable you to thrive in these areas.

When I think about what building on our strengths brings, fulfilment is the word that always comes to mind. It is only when we work on the things that we’re passionate about, that bring us joy in the world, that we feel satisfied with the impact we’re having.

Your strengths reveal how you can make the largest possible impact on the world. Finding a way to play to those strengths, and dedicating yourself to developing them, means you gain a greater understanding of your identity and what you can do to find purpose.