The Power of Positive Thinking

On the surface, positive thinking may seem like a very similar thing to visualisation. However, positive thinking extends far beyond visualisation and into every aspect of how your mind works as you pursue your inner purpose.

Simply put, it pays to think positively for reasons beyond merely getting into the right frame of mind for achieving great things. 

Several studies show that positive thinking profoundly affects everything from your mood to your physical health. It allows you to gain control of your well-being, which means you can use positive thinking to position yourself so that you’re ready to grasp your purpose.

From these studies, it’s clear that adopting a positive mindset offers an array of benefits on both the physical and mental levels. We simply function better when we’re in a more positive frame of mind. And this heightened level of functioning is what enables us to maintain our focus and, ultimately, move closer to our life’s purpose.

Creating a Positive Mindset – The Four Tips

Tip #1 – Begin Your Day with an Affirmation

Tip #2 – Express Gratitude for the Good Things in Your Life

Tip #3 – Reframe Failures and Mistakes as Lessons

Tip #4 – Spend More Time with Positive People