What are you really good at? How can you take those strengths and put them towards creating a life of purpose and meaning?

Each of us has strengths, whether we realise it or not. Your strengths can be something that you are already aware of or can be found in areas that we haven’t even thought to explore. Your strengths are a vital component of your identity. When you discover what they are, you develop a greater understanding of higher purpose. Your strengths reveal the source of your happiness, which is what leads you to the fulfilment that you seek. 

So, I encourage you to take the time to uncover your strengths. Spend some time alone, in silence, and allow your mind to get to work. Devote time to do the things that you love doing, even if the benefit of those things isn’t immediately apparent to you. Pay attention to what the people around you say about you and always seek the feeling of fulfilment that indicates you’re doing what you should be doing.