Set Higher Expectations For Yourself Towards a Purpose-Driven Life

The simple fact is that continuing with the same routine that you have right now will not move you forward in life if you’re already feeling stuck. And again, I can look back on my career as an example of this. If I’d carried on trying to work in the way that I was, I simply wouldn’t have lasted. The work would have overwhelmed me. It was only after I raised my expectations for myself and committed to making a change that I finally discovered one of my key strengths.

If you raise your expectations for what’s possible, you motivate yourself to work towards a higher purpose. And it’s in pushing yourself to achieve more that you will often uncover the strengths that serve as the lynchpins of your identity.

On the most general level, your purpose in life is what gives you a sense of direction. Perhaps the biggest indicator that you’re living a purpose-driven life comes from your sense of fulfilment. If there’s still a little voice at the back of your head telling you that you could do more, even if you can’t quite define what “more” means, you likely haven’t yet found your purpose.

I feel that purpose comes from aligning the way we live our lives with the core values and beliefs that we hold.