As I learned during my journey as a mother, it’s impossible to help others to the best of your abilities when your own cup isn’t full. As part of this step, you need to nourish your physical and mental states. One should be able to draw their strength from within, both physically and mentally, before they can nourish others. I have shared some tips on how you can care for yourself physically and mentally.

Taking Care of Yourself Physically

  • Establish an Exercise Routine
  • Groom Yourself
  • Prayer and Meditation

Taking Care of Yourself Mentally – When focusing on your mental well-being, you empower yourself to the point where you can see life clearly and develop clarity around who you are and what your purpose in life should be.

  • Meet yourself where you are at that time in your life. In other words, be open with yourself about your mental struggles instead of attempting to bury them away and carry on with life. 
  • Try not to spend too much time living in the past. 
  • Make time to do the things that you enjoy, no matter what they are.