I Was Not Ready

I was not ready… I was not ready to say goodbye.

There was no way that I was not making my way out of that operating theatre alive on 5th July 2018. I was diagnosed with a condition called endocarditis, infection of the heart valve.

After a successful surgery of removing the bacterial infection and replacement of one of the valves, I am immensely thankful to be alive and well today. That was simply the start of my journey in finding my purpose.

The thoughts that crossed my mind after my diagnosis were…

What legacy was I leaving being…

What will I be remembered for…

Importantly, what was my purpose in life?

I have always thought deeply about life, its purpose, and the reason behind one’s existence. There has always been an inner voice prompting me from within, making me sense that, surely, I am called for something more in life.

I figured it out eventually, have you?

I decided after my operation that life has to be meaningful, not just for us, but we need to make it meaningful for others. Nobody knows what happens after death. What we know is what happens when we are alive and the difference we can make in this lifetime.

We live once, so let’s make it count.